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Hi Cyber World!

It's Laurell here but all my mates call me Lolly.
I am a born and bred South-East Londoner but at the moment I am studying at University.

I am an outgoing, music lover who loves to talk.
Generally, I start sentences with 'did you know' or 'what I've come to realise is...' and then casually proceed with the word 'actually'...

The joy of Essays not…

So, it’s essay time and I am totally bummed out. After a great inspiring talk with Ed Howard from asylum records. I am back to the reality of work and that my constant pressure of essays and exams will not finish until I graduate! Yippee…Not!

I am on my final essay which discusses creolisation after having to dig deep in the world of decisions and free will of Alex from a Clockwork Orange. Then when this is all over, I have a german test to revise for. Ode to Joy.

This is the time where I have to challenge my positivity and remember that University is good and wonderful.

So enough of my rant, I think it’s time that I go back to my essay where I am currently about to discuss Derek Walcott and his take on the Odyssey.

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