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It's Laurell here but all my mates call me Lolly.
I am a born and bred South-East Londoner but at the moment I am studying at University.

I am an outgoing, music lover who loves to talk.
Generally, I start sentences with 'did you know' or 'what I've come to realise is...' and then casually proceed with the word 'actually'...

What is your purpose in life? Do you ever just have one?

This post is about purpose and do you ever have one purpose in life or many.

This is an interesting subject because as a young person, the options are limited. I guess even as an adult the options are also limited. Over the weekend, my housemates and I have been discussing what we would like to do in life and where we want to be. Steph who is Colombian, said that eventually she wanted to focus on music and perfect her craft on the piano. However, with her being at Uni she can’t do that. My mum, told me once that when she had children, her purpose in life changed and it was all about being the best mum she could be. Now we are older, she wants to change at least one’d life before she dies. 

After having these two discussions, I concluded that the purpose you thought for you life when you were young can change. It might not change or it might change during your teenage years and then in adulthood, you might want to go back to it. It’s funny because everyone says that certain careers have expiration dates but I strongly believe if you are determined and focus you can achieve any goal that you want. 

The purpose you want in life, is exactly that, it is yours! 

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