Lolly World

Hi Cyber World!

It's Laurell here but all my mates call me Lolly.
I am a born and bred South-East Londoner but at the moment I am studying at University.

I am an outgoing, music lover who loves to talk.
Generally, I start sentences with 'did you know' or 'what I've come to realise is...' and then casually proceed with the word 'actually'...

No sleep + Red Bull = crazy person

Okay, so exams are over and I still have yet to write my tumblrs for this week. I’m just waiting for my exceptional awesome magnificent oh-wise ones, that I call adults to reply to my emails. 

I am writing this in a delirious state of no sleep because I have been helping my mum with her assignment on access arrangements for examinations. However I have done it on no sleep and cans of red bull but I have realised that although I have “Row Row Row your boat” in my head. The ideas that are rushing through my brain are plentiful and I doubt it’s because I have gone past the threshold of tiredness and maybe entering a stroke of genius. 

Now I am considering living in Germany and working the music industry over there. I just need to do some more research.

Anyway, I am off to get some breakfast. 

Over and out as this boat goes down the stream merrily…

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